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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Tom Gauld FTW

Recently I have been coming up with some successful imagery for Brian Ralph's Sequential Art class.  I seem to have misinterpreted the type of work that was expected from the course, most importantly the fact that the pieces are generally supposed to be "comics" in a more traditional sense.  Although I have found myself to enjoy numerous comics I am not as keen on creating them.  The past few entries have been more along the lines of "art pieces that are sequential" more so than comics.  In class I have been critiqued on my use of the same size panel for each image.  It may be something I need to move past, or perhaps something I need to strengthen.  I am not entirely sure yet, but i do enjoy them the way they are.  What do you think?


Sam Bosma said...

I'm pretty psyched about the sequential stuff you've been doing, in all honesty. I do like how the panels are all the same size, specifically because it DOES distance the work from traditional comic stuff, which I think is overdone and rather stagnant.

I think, though, that the work gets a little dark to the point where some of it is unreadable. The ocean area of this newest piece is a good example, as well as the hydra in general. A little more lighter detail would serve the piece really well. White eyes, maybe some denotation of scales or fins or something...

I think it would be a good idea if you stressed the movement a little bit more within the panels...if you're not going to use different sizes to denote motion, maybe amp up the action in the individual panels. The good thing about using panels of different sizes is so you can trick the viewer's eye into reading the page exactly how you intend for them to read it, but when the panels are uniform, you have to find a different way to achieve that.

I'm going to be doing some comic stuff for thesis, so we'll be talking more in the next couple of weeks. I'm new to sequential stuff, so I'm going to ask for your help as well.

Bob said...

really nice and very animated